List of vistas in Plains of Ashford

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Name of Vista Complete Area Nearest Waypoint Waypoint (map icon).png Description
Victor's Presidium Victor's Presidium Vir's Gate Head south from the waypoint. As you pass throught the Ash Legion camp, head a little east. Counterclockwise climb begins at the southeast corner of the vista rock.
Lake Adorea Lake Adorea Adorea Look for the plank crossing the cliff face to the east of the vista. The start point is EAST of that plank.
Lake Feritas Lake Feritas Lake Veritas Take a short walk on a "long plank".
Charr's Triumph Charr's Triumph Temperus Point Start on the North face and jump up to the vista.
The Toppled Wall The Toppled Wall Martyr's Entrance is middle of N Side. Jump goes over 2 pillars.
Phasmatis Corridor Swordcross Outpost Spirithunter Camp Start West of the Hill. Easy jumps.
Ascalon City Ruins Ascalon City Ruins Ascalon City Clear the stairs to the WEST of the waypoint, then stay right at the first landing.
Cadem Forest Cadem Forest Watchcrag Tower Simple hike.
Human's Lament Human's Lament Ascalon City Through the cave south of the vista. And don't forget to "pay the troll toll".
Loreclaw Expanse Loreclaw Expanse Loreclaw Start point is on the southern side of the rock formation. Look for Diving Goggles!