List of skill challenges in Ruins of Orr

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A list of skill challenges in the Ruins of Orr region.

Cursed Shore[edit]

Location Level Skill challenge
Azabe Qabar, The Royal Tombs 80 Commune with the Tomb
Cathedral of Silence 80 Commune with the Statue of Grenth
Cathedral of Verdence 80 Commune with the Statue of Melandru
Craven Blight 80 Commune at Village of Ewan
Desmina's Hallows 80 Deactivate the Magicohesion Cannon
Desmina's Hallows 80 Engage the Orrian Spectral Hammer
Fields of Gold 80 Defeat Explorer Brothmirr Rockslide
Fields of Gold 80 Commune with the Statue of Balthazar
Graven Cay 80 Commune with Harbinger Torch
Graven Cay, Melandru's Statue 80 Commune with Melandru's Statue
Harrowed Sea 80 Commune with Totem
Meddler's Way Point 80 Defeat Fortuna Dirgecaller
Mausollus Sea 80 Mysterious Egg
Noose Road 80 Commune at Gallow's Hang
Ship Rock 80 Defeat the Ghostly Sword
The Shipyard 80 Pristine Chest
Strange Ring Structure, Northern Winterknell Shore 80 Commune with the Totem

Malchor's Leap[edit]

Location Level Skill challenge
Blighted Arch Memory of Dhuum's Last Stand
Blighted Arch Statue of Lyssa
Cathedral of Eternal Radiance Altar of Lyssa
Cathedral of Eternal Radiance 78 Defeat Alexandra Duet
Cathedral of Zephyrs Altar of Dwayna
Cathedral of Zephyrs Explorer Cinnia
Crusted Shoals Unidentified Beverage
Drowned Brine Statue of Grenth
Garden of Lyss  ? Defeat the Enchanted Bow
Karst Plains King's Altar
Karst Plains Statue of Dwayna
Pyrite Peninsula Metal Forest
Valley of Lyss Statue of Balthazar
Whisper Bay Statue of Melandru

Straits of Devastation[edit]

Location Level Skill challenge
Cathedral of Glorious Victory  ? Commune with the statue of Balthazar
Located SE of Sentry Steps, SW of the Cathedral of Glorious Victory 74 Defeat the Veteran Risen Spectral Guard
The Bloodtrough 75 Destroy the avatar of Grenth and commune with the statue
Triumph Plaza 75 destroy 3 juggernauts
The Vizier's Tower  ? Commune with the Vizier's Book
The Royal Forum  ?  ?
Sunken Ship 73 Commune with the ship after destroying the Veteran Protector
Dwayna's Statue  ? Commune with the statue
Fort Trinity 75 Defeat the Vigil Magister
Pact Rally Point 75 Defeat the Vigil Tactician
Statue of Melandru  ? Commune with the statue
Lost Conservatory  ? Commune
Statue of Lyssa  ? Commune with the statue